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5 Reasons You Should Hire a Personal Brand Strategist



August 3, 2022

Whether you’ve been in business for a while or you’re entirely new to the process, you may have seen the chatter about a personal brand strategist. You may be wondering, what is that, exactly? Should I hire one?

Here, I’ve gathered 5 reasons why it may make sense for you to hire a personal brand strategist to help steward your brand, make sense of your mess, and bring a deep sense of clarity to your business.

Reason 1: Get guidance on discovering your X factor so you can truly stand out.

If you’ve been hanging around here for a minute, you’ll know that one of the top things I preach time and again is finding your X factor. If you don’t have one, then honestly? It can sink your business. Not to be a downer!

On the other hand, when you are so clear about who you are in business, what skills you have to offer, how you can make a bigger impact larger than yourself, and methods for being seen as an expert right away, your brand begins to take shape.

The momentum starts here! Once we find your X factor, everything begins to fall into place.

Reason 2: Make your big ideas more concrete and know how to communicate them.

As a founder, I always have some big idea floating around in my head. I’m passionate about building what’s next and helping others do the same. Sometimes, those big ideas can get trapped in our minds, and we overthink. We want to communicate what can often feel like a high-level idea, and bring it down to earth so it’s tangible and presentable to the people we want to work with.

A personal brand strategist can help you with this by helping you not only develop clarity around your offerings, but also discover how to reach an ideal state in your business.

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“Once you find your X factor, everything begins to fall into place.”



Although typing away in a doc somewhere might feel like taking action, what you may really need is someone who can understand your hopes and aspirations and do the hard work of transforming big ideas into a more ready-made brand with depth.

Reason 3: Build a client attraction plan that makes sense for you, not someone else.

Although it’s not hard to do a Google search and find simple ways to attract clients (I’m talking no-duh tips that you’ll see repeated time and again on every website– soooo boring.), what works for someone else may not work for you. It’s so important as business owners that we find the unique things that work for us, even if it seems contrarian to someone else. 

In fact, being contrarian can often be a good thing. It means you truly are different, and you have the tools to find, book, retain, and keep loyal clients for years to come.

Reason 4: Discover a magnetic image that makes people excited to work with you.

When it comes to owning a company, especially a founder-centric one, it’s fundamental that we discover how you appear to others. Whether we like it or not, we ultimately have a presence. What matters is how we leverage presence to cultivate a more intentional face as a business owner so that you’re bringing in all the right clients.

When you don’t work on this key element in business, you may find that you aren’t attracting the right people into your business – in other words, non-ideal clients who don’t get you

What would it be like to attract ideal clients who are excited by you, specifically?! That’s what we’re talking about!

Reason 5: Come away with everything from your offerings to your presence to your PR strategy.

Your personal brand strategist is exactly the person to help you in building a full-on, holistic strategy. Although you can hire a designer for your brand, a coach for your offerings, a PR agency for media features, and a copywriter for all those brand communications, it can often be difficult to know how to get started with all of this in the first place. 

If you don’t have a solid strategy in place first, you may end up hiring out for these pieces but not being totally clear about your goals. When you work with a personal brand strategist who can work with you to assess your gifts, objectively analyze how you can improve your presence, and build connection points throughout your entire brand, things start to change! 

Trust me, we’ve seen it again and again with our clients. Soon, it could be you!

Are you on the search for a personal brand strategist to guide you through the branding process? Check out our services.


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Mila Yoli is a brand and image strategist who helps creative entrepreneurs to create a brand that makes a lasting impression.


Mila Yoli is a psychology-rooted brand and image strategist who helps creative entrepreneurs to create a brand that makes a lasting impression.