I'll let you in on a secret

I don't enjoy the spotlight. At all.

I'm an introvert. I will always choose the smaller, intimate group over the large crowds. There's nothing better than connecting with people on a deep and honest level. 

For years, I attended events and was shocked that people considered me a thought leader, an expert, and a poised speaker in environments where I felt entirely out of my comfort zone.

I wanted to figure out WHY that is... How was I able to have such an effect on people, even though I was a total newbie?

I started paying attention. I used my formal background in psychology and paired it with many hours of research to discover something huge in my work: 

 It's less about you and more about how you make others feel when they're around you. 

what i know to be true...

Everything comes down to presence and how you show up in the world around you. 

When I say presence, it's not just one concept. Many little concepts must come together to make you stand out: Etiquette, appearance, voice, deportment, brand identity, confidence, and personal growth.

When we work together, I’ll use my background in psychology to get us to an intimate level where we can unlock your unique gifts, create small yet sustainable changes, and help you stand outside the lines in a way that feels true and authentic to you.

I'll empower you to develop all aspects of how you show up and take space within your industry-- from clarifying your passions, building a brand that aligns with what you believe in, strengthening your style, and amplifying your voice to make a lasting impact. 

Get excited for what’s to come. As we set you apart from the crowd, clients will find you; partners will want to work with you, and, most importantly, you will feel so confident in yourself that anything will feel possible and achievable. 

This is our chance to create the TOTAL package- online, and offline. 

Let's do this!

Let's do this!

I love empowering people to become the best version of themselves.

 I really truly believe it is the key to taking the reins in your life and working towards making dreams a reality. 

I'm a total goofball.

Once I'm comfortable around you, I'll start singing things without realizing it.

I love dogs!

 I have two little poodles and refer to them as my furry four-legged babies.

I love murder mystery movies.

Agatha Christie all the way!

I love bananas in every shape and form. 

Weird, I know. But I do. Anything with banana in it, I'm like, "Yes! I need it!"

I don't believe in the word "failure."

 If you say it around me, I may go on a little rant.

Random fun personal facts about me



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Mila Yoli is a brand and image strategist who helps creative entrepreneurs to create a brand that makes a lasting impression.


Mila Yoli is a psychology-rooted brand and image strategist who helps creative entrepreneurs to create a brand that makes a lasting impression.