Over the next 9 months, we'll cover the 4 Pillars of a Stand-Out brand. You’ll walk away with:

In this private program, we'll work side-by-side to develop a completely aligned brand that keeps who YOU are, where you want to go in your business, and your global vision front and center.

Whether you're walking into a crowded room or stepping onto a stage, you will be equipped with the essential tools to get people to look to you, trust you and invest in you (before you've even said a single word).

When you create a brand that is strongly aligned with who you are, you'll manifest a powerhouse presence others won't be able to ignore.

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Total clarity on the global vision for your life: Let's make sure every action you take in growing your business gets you closer to creating the life you truly want. You’ll walk away with an offer that draws people in– turning them from fans to paying clients.


A deep, comprehensive plan for your business: This includes your vision and mission, your plan for the future, and ordered steps to tackle the road ahead.

A customized brand strategy that radiates your values & personality: We'll dig deep to uncover what you stand for and how you can set yourself apart from others who might offer similar services. We'll tap into your brand's substance, personality, and voice. Everything else will stem from this solid foundation.

Brand visuals (logo, colors, fonts, and more): The goal is that you can easily pass these on to a graphic designer with confidence and trust you're moving in the right direction.

A dedicated brainstorm of business name and tagline ideas: We won't change these elements if what you've got already works, but we will make sure they work so you can attract your ideal clients and position yourself as an expert.

Business Brand

A captivating Brand Story: We'll pull together all the elements that make up your business brand and share your personal story in an engaging way with your potential clients. We'll make sure you're media-ready and ready to speak as an expert in the areas that matter most to you.

A clear marketing plan: This plan will give you the steps to reach your ideal market (whether that's via emails, blog articles, videos, social media, and more) with a voice that's totally aligned with your brand.


Unshakeable confidence: The way you show up in the world, if done right, will effectively communicate your brand, offerings, and your expertise to your ideal clients.

A signature style: We'll create a standard of style and color that is authentically you, that supports your brand's message, that your audience can relate to, and more.

Communication skills: There's a way to be powerful and effective in the way you engage, communicate and connect with others. We'll cover everything from facial expressions and posture to gestures and honing your voice.

Presentation skills: Presentation matters. We know it can be a little nerve-wracking to present yourself but we’ll cover all the basics you need for getting camera, video, and stage-ready.


Join me for a complimentary clarity call.

Ready to reinvent yourself– online and offline?

In this complimentary call, we will:

Get clear on where you're at with your business, brand, and presence – and where you want to go.

Identify the biggest obstacles holding you back from propelling your business and brand forward.

Create a clear action plan to move you to that next level you’ve been craving.


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Mila Yoli is a brand and image strategist who helps creative entrepreneurs to create a brand that makes a lasting impression.


Mila Yoli is a psychology-rooted brand and image strategist who helps creative entrepreneurs to create a brand that makes a lasting impression.