Make an impact as you show up fully.

Reinvent yourself– online and offline.

build a client-attracting business

from the ground up.

They completely neglect the most critical part of the process: developing a personal presence- online and offline.

If your plan for your business brand doesn't include how you show up in the world and present yourself to the people around you, you're already wasting precious effort, dollars, time, and resources. 

That's why, at Presenceology, we focus on what we call the 4 Pillars of a Presence-Driven Brand:

Most business owners create a brand for their business By picking fun colors and a unique logo

Truth bomb

You need a PLAN and STRATEGY for your business, brand, and overall life. We'll get crystal clear on your larger mission and purpose, who you're trying to attract, and what you want to build today, tomorrow, and five years from now. We believe everything you create within your brand is based on where you want to go and who you want to be.

It's time to grab the megaphone and let people know you're out here! We will show you how to establish yourself as an authority and communicate consistently with your audience to develop long-term relationships within your community.

You can have a gorgeous website and powerhouse social media strategy, but it won't matter if you can't represent your brand accurately and consistently. We will transform you into a powerful ambassador for your brand who has a voice that resonates with your ideal clients.


Behind every powerhouse brand is a compelling offer (for a specific and niched audience) that is the perfect combination of your "special you factor," unique talents, skills, and knowledge. 





- Zeinab Toure

“Mila streamlined the process from the most nascent stage all the way to our launch.  

Her unique blend of expertise, coupled with her thorough approach to bring forth the most authentic identity of our company ensured that our startup began its journey on a note of distinction and on the path to success.

We’ve recently contracted an agency to take over our marketing activities and the owner was so impressed with the thoroughness of our brand strategy that she could not stop saying 'whoever worked on your company’s strategy has made my job so much easier. This is a very thorough job and I seldom see anything of such quality anymore'. Presenceology’s work literally spoke for itself and saved us so much time and money. ”

- Sefora Hurtado

“Mila’s presence speaks for itself! 

She emanates confidence and expertise, and her passion for empowering you to turn your dreams and visions into reality makes her an unstoppable force. The way she carries herself is what initially draws you in. But what makes her a great coach is her candor, the consistency across all she says and does, her ability to simplify and to meet you where you are with a tailor-made path that feels right for you. I would say Mila stands at the juncture of strategist meets therapist! ”

- Lauren Marsicano

“I love that Mila’s background gives her a unique perspective that is so different from other coaches and branding experts.  

 She really helps you understand how elements- some of which are beyond the traditional purview of branding- come together to convey meaning, intention and to attract. Mila’s insight into behavior and so many other things she’s studied has allowed me to better understand, capture and engage with my audience. And I also believe it’s what helps her to create such an organic experience that serves my individual needs. Our sessions always feel like fun, quality time to explore and create. ”

What the people are saying:

In this private program, you and I will work together to develop a brand wholly aligned with who YOU are, where you want to go in your business, and the global vision you have for your life.

Creating a powerhouse brand is more than just picking colors and designing a logo that speaks to you. It's about building a robust launching pad for success that highlights exactly what sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. We'll go deep (fast and furiously) to figure out how you want to show up in the world so you can begin building a brand that is clear, consistent, and in line with the skills you have to offer.

We will go through The 4 Pillars of a Stand-Out Brand during our time together.

The Stand-Out Brand 

let's work together

Nine months to a fully aligned, client-attracting brand, image, and presence

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In this program, we’ll work to develop a striking personal presence that communicates your skills and talents while enhancing the message of your business brand.

Just as your business brand has a visual identity with a distinctive color palette and design elements, you must also display consistent elements that convey the you you want to represent your business (and life). 

Your Magnetic Image

Four months to a powerful image that reflects the TRUE you

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Have a special occasion or project coming up that you need to prepare for quickly? Something specific you want to dive deep on? Want to fast-track your results + maximize your time with me?

Never say good things don’t travel in smaller packages. In an Intensive, we tackle a LOT. 

The Intensive is tailored to your needs and focuses on your pillar of choice: Compelling Offer, Business Brand, Audience-Attracting Plan, or Personal Presence. We can even combine these pillars to cover the areas you're looking to grow and thrive within.

Full-Day and Half-Day Intensives

In an Intensive, we can tackle a LOT. 

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Join me for a complimentary clarity call.

Ready to reinvent yourself– online and offline?

In this complimentary call, we will:

Get clear on where you're at with your business, brand, and presence – and where you want to go.

Identify the biggest obstacles holding you back from propelling your business and brand forward.

Create a clear action plan to move you to that next level you’ve been craving.


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Mila Yoli is a brand and image strategist who helps creative entrepreneurs to create a brand that makes a lasting impression.


Mila Yoli is a psychology-rooted brand and image strategist who helps creative entrepreneurs to create a brand that makes a lasting impression.