Why are your image and presence so important?

It's because we do business with people. People who crave connection. People who want to feel seen and known. People who want you to help solve their problems and move to new levels.

Even if you're selling services to a large organization, you'll still be working face-to-face with the people in that organization. If you can show up powerfully and confidently, you're that much more likely to establish yourself as their go-to expert.

Whether you're in a phase of reinvention or just trying to figure out what you offer to the world, Your Magnetic Image will empower you to show up authentically and intentionally as you position yourself as an expert within your industry.

In Your Magnetic Image, we'll work to develop a striking personal presence that communicates your skills and talents while enhancing the message of your business brand.

you may be wondering...

Identify your Personal Power Colors: Never underestimate the power of color. When you find the right colors that complement your natural complexion and personality AND draw attention, it highlights YOU.

Create your Signature Looks: We'll curate styles that suit you and represent your values and interests so every time you walk into a room, you know you're showcasing your true potential.

Audit your wardrobe: We need to identify and create new looks for various occasions, including meetings, special occasions, casual events, etc. It's time to use what you already have to make a collection of looks that you love and feel your best in!

Develop a Shopping Strategy: Shopping becomes much easier once you know your colors and styles, and you save a ton of time and money! You'll learn what to look for, what to avoid, and my tips and tricks (like good brands for you, best times to shop, how to get free help from your favorite stores, and more).

together we will...

Conveying Confidence – making sure the way you show up in the world properly communicates your brand and offerings, as well as your expertise.

Personal Image – style assessment, signature style development, body analysis, wardrobe consultation, grooming, color analysis, and more.

Body Language – deportment, effectively communicating intention through non-verbal signals, facial expressions, gestures and tone of voice, reading the room etc.

Presentation Skills – public speaking, video, photography

Communication Skills – diction, how to be a good listener, how to engage, how to communicate intention clearly & effectively and more.

Etiquette –  social graces, hostessing, business etiquette, and dining etiquette.

You can choose from the following areas:

For our final session together, you get to choose what you'd like to focus on, based on your specific goals.

Join me for a complimentary clarity call.

Ready to reinvent yourself– online and offline?

In this complimentary call, we will:

Get clear on where you're at with your business, brand, and presence – and where you want to go.

Identify the biggest obstacles holding you back from propelling your business and brand forward.

Create a clear action plan to move you to that next level you’ve been craving.


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Mila Yoli is a brand and image strategist who helps creative entrepreneurs to create a brand that makes a lasting impression.


Mila Yoli is a psychology-rooted brand and image strategist who helps creative entrepreneurs to create a brand that makes a lasting impression.